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AWFUL MODS: Bloody Accidents


After reading the recent submission about Body Accents down in Joplin, Missouri, I feel I need to add to the severity of that horrible situation. I won’t name the person I’m going to mention, because he’s a very close friend of mine, and I feel sorry for his bad luck in this.

A few years ago,…

i had to reblog this because i’ve come into contact with this pace and i want to warn all of my friends.

a lot of friends have gotten tattoos from this place because,well…cheapness,which is not always good obviously.

dear god,ONE person there,ONLY one,did one good tattoo….and guess what? he doesn’t work there anymore.

all the others look so so terrible,and the “artists” let people just walk in and out of the room while people are getting modifications,they just walk in which actually means that they stand an inch away from you…

they even let some guy walk in a persons room once,a person HE DID NOT KNOW AND DIDN’T HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE PERSON GETTING A TATTOO,because he said “sounds like they’re in pain haha,can i watch?”

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  4. commonwoodscrews said: has anyone looked at their facebook page? the piercer jade not only leaves piercing needles in situ while performing multiple piercings she takes photographs of them while in place. i bet anyone a lot of money she doesn’t remove her gloves or changes them
  5. peanutscloe said: Wow. These guys seem completely stupid. How did they manage to get their tattoo license if they’re so dumb? I think someone should report this shitty shop to some kind of tattoo authorities (I don’t know if there is one?) so the horror would stop.
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